About the Therapist

Mutsumi Sato was born in Japan and spent more than 13 years in the UK as a history postgraduate and a  teacher for Japanese Students in Chiswick, London. In 1998, she was struck by a grave illness and nearly lost  her life. After recovering from an emergency operation, she experienced Christ Consciousness in the next year.Since then, the Consciousness had continued visiting her for the next 7 years. During the transition phase, her  life's focus shifted dramatically to the one more concentration on spiritual healing which can contribute not only  on her cliens' personal level also as a universal purpose. She has lived in Japan as a therapist since 2006.  Private sessions in person are given in a quiet room near Tamagawagakuen-mae station, Machida, Tokyo.

Mutsumi speaks fluent English and your healing session can be held both in English and Japanese. She will  give you very clear direction and practical help to your personal problems. If you are suffering from:

Anxiety / Emotional and Physical Pain / Trauma / Stress / Lack of Direction in Your Life / Lack ofConcentration at Work or Study / Fatigue / Mother Issues / Family Problems / Co-Dependency /Addiction / Panic Attack / Past Life Issues /  Issue on Sexuality

Her extensive knowledge of the field and intuition help you to find your true self, and calmness of your mind and  freshness of spirit, which you already have had within you when you were a baby!


EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Alternative Medicine for the 21st Century

EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a "tapping therapy" created by an American ex-engineer Gary Craig  in 1995. By tapping your meridian points in body, face and hand, the method will "shuffle" emotional impacts in  your body from thoughts, past experiences, and actual physical wounds. The method is very simple and you will  learn very quickly. The cure will be literally found "inside yourself". This is a method for the 21st century, as EFTis proceeded in cooperation of the client and the therapist.    
Mutsumi Sato is an official practitioner of EFT and providing the therapy to foreign clients in English.  Look at  more detailed information and extensive case works in EFT's official site, emofree.dom



Original Flower Essence

Bright Eyes

Sharing the Nature's Generous Gifts

from Roses and Japanese Plants

In 2007, Mutsumi produced the first of her original essences. Since then she has created more than 30essences from roses and Japanese plants. She can give you a 30ml bottle of a single or combined remedies  in case of  emotional emergency to support your healing session.

Rose essence series are :
Sancta Maria (mother-child issues), Mary Magdalene (life purpose), Rhiannon (freedom from restriction,specially  from mother), Connie (sexual issues, weaknes in legs), Isolde (lost love), Horizon (adventure), etc.


Japanese essence series are:
Cherry Blossom (over-sensitive), Sasanqua Camellia (ego, vanity), Butterbur Sprout (Asperger's syndrome),Plum Flower (get on with priority), Winter Daphne (disappointment, lethargy), Mugwort (over-giving women),Locuat  Leaves (over-giving men), Spike Winter Hazel (dependency, need of protection), Japanese Kerria(timid, lack of  confidence), Thunbery Spirea (loving too much, codependency), Bellflower (over-protective), andmany more.....

Making Winter Daphne Essence

An English page for The Bright Eyes Original Flower Essence is under construction, and will be ready soon!  Meanwhile, please email Mutsumi for more details if you are interested in any of the items.  

Mutsumi is also a certified Bach Flower Remedies practitioner, the world's first flower remedies made by Dr.Edward Bach. Both Bright Eyes Original Essence and Bach Flower Remedies are available in a 30 miltreatment  bottle as support of your session.  Fore more information, email: info@love-light-joy.com

 Session Fees

The following session fees can be paid by credit cards via a Japanese bank account or Pay Pal.
(no personal account required). Please feel free to ask the detail by sending an email to Mutsumi,

Basic EFT Session
14,000 yen/session
90-120 minutes

When you would like to receive treatment in person in Mutsumi's practice room in Tamagawa-gakuen- mae. A  bottle of 30 ml Bach Flower Essences or Mutsumi's Original Essence will be given as a present when it is  necessary.

6 Basic EFT Sessions for the price of 5
70,000 yen/6 sessions

When you like to solve heavy trauma or deep rooted family issues, you may need Mutsumi's guidance for a  certain length of time. In that case there is a dsscount for the basic EFT sessions. To get the discount, the fee is to be paid in advance.

EFT Video Session
12,000 yen/session  
90-120 minutes

When you live far from Tokyo/Kanagawa area, or have other reasons you cannot come to the therapy room,  youmay like to chose a video session.
A 30ml essence bottle will be sent after each session if necessary (postal fee included)

6 EFT Video Sessions for the price of 5
60,000 yen/6 sessions

To get the discount, the fee is to be paid in advance.
An essence bottle will be sent to you all the same.

Flower Essence Session
6,000 yen/session
60 minutes

4,000 yen/session
30 miniutes.

Video chat session only.
A 30ml bottle of Bach Flower Remedies or Mutsumi's Original Essence will be sent to you after session.  

6 Flower Essence Session for the price of 5
30,000 yen/6 sessions

When you would like to receive the therapy in long term
To get the discount, the fee is to be paid in advance.  

We can use Skype, Facebook, and LINE for Video Sessions. Please make sure in advance that your PC ormobile's video facility is working.  

 How to book

Simply email Mutsumi to info@love-lgith-joy.com with your name, birthday, and details of your issues. Mutsumi  will write back to you usually within 24 hours.
For the first session, you may be asked to pay in advance. for further information email: info@love-light-joy.com


Jai (Cape Town)
"Mutsumi is a very accurate, honest and gifted healer

Mutsumi's Original Flower Essences have helped me  to release trauma and feel more grounded. I had a  specific issue with an old friend recently. Mutsumi chose a winning combo "Rihannon", a Rose Essence for  freedom from controlling influences,  and a Japanese Essence, Kusa-ichigo (Wild Strawberry) for loneliness  and fear of it. The mixture helped me find harmony and combat the negative effects of old patterns within this  relationship. I love the Rose Essences. They are so beautiful and gentle. So far I have taken "Sancta Maria", thewhite rose, for healing wounds of mother/child relationship; "Connie", a gorgeously scented orange rose hasopened my heart to the possibility of a new relationship. I also resonate with the Japanese Flowers Essences I  have taken. The essences I have enjoyed so far are Tanpopo (Dandelion) for assistance with poverty  consciousness; Harujion (Common Fleabane) for creativity and expression, has assisted with focus and  inspiration for writing a novel, and Yamabuki (Japanese Rosea), as Mutsumi explained, is a flower whichgrows  in the shadow  the glorious Sakura (Cherry Blossom) and can feel overshadowed by the beauty of thetree. Taking Yamabuki allows me to be powerful as I am. As soon as I take Mutsumi's essences I can feel them  working on a vibrational level. She is a very accurate, honest and gifted healer. Here is a haiku style poem I  wrote for her and her essences:

For Mutsumi san, Flower Goddess
Deva of the rose
Your scent that perfumes my soul
Washed by winter rain

Maya (Cape Town)
"The Essences ultimately grounded me to connect with myself"

The flower essences are very powerful. I immediately felt each essence the minute I consumed them into my  body. The drops helped me to become more grounded, confident and sensitive to my surroundings. I took Kusa-ichigo (Wild Strawberry), an essence for loneliness. While I started using it new people appeared into my life.  The result of the essences led me to have new experiences with people I'd never have thought I'd meet if I haven't  had the courage from the power of the essences. They ultimately grounded me to connect with myself and  learn to express my essence. Thank you :)

Karen (London)
"I feel more aware of myself now"

I came to Mutsumi because I had many fears - whether it was fear of pain or disease or the feeling of needingto  succeed. Through our sessions I discovered many more sides of me that I had not considered before. I  realized that I was focusing too much on "success" and coming out on top, instead of focusing on things in mylife that really mattered. It was during that time that I finally developed a hobby and realized what happiness feltlike - doing something purely out of love for it rather than because I wanted to "succeed" in it and getrecognition.  Perhaps for some people the process is shorter, while for me I'm still in the process of learning.But when I get frustrated with my work, or when I feel a surge of competitiveness that I know is not healthy, Iremember how doing something for love, rather than success, feels like. And this realization helps me stop andthink about what I'm doing in ways I hadn't before. Even though I can't say I reached yet where I want to be, I feelmore aware of myself now.

Sophie (London)
"All the pains are ones of the past!!"

I went to see Mutsumi because I was suffering from severe migraine and menstrual pains. After the first session,  I noticed a positive difference in my well being. During the treatment, I could feel my energy blockages, and  Mutsumi showed me how to do some exervises to clear them away, then my energy started to flow peacefully.  Mutsumi also told me which Bach Flower Remedies are good for my conditions. I have four sessions sincethen  I know I have less migraines, and my periods have become less painful too. I feel so much better and all the pains are ones of the past!!! I now know more about my energy, and am convinced that the treatments have  helped me to become the person that I am now, i.e. being more positive and happy in general, also kind and  loving to myself. I am grateful for these experiences. Thank you Mutsumi, my Guide and Angels.

Jane (Tokyo)
"I have made a progress I wouldn't dreamt of before...."

I like to think that me meeting with Ms. Sato was a destiny. Back in 2015 I was looking for a therapist based in  Tokyo who speaks English as I suffer a severe trauma from childhood. At that time I was seeing another  therapist, but I was not happy with him. I found Ms.Sato on the internet and booked a consultation. At the first  meeting I knew that I want to continue. Ms. Sato was very warm, easy to talk my problems to and I did not feel  she is judging me. After few lessons I started feeling that she actually does care, which I did not feel with my past  therapist. I have been continuing the sessions since in 3 weeks intervals. And the most important is a fact that I  have made a progress I wouldn't even dreamt of before. I have accomplished things only because of her, she  believed in me and she encouraged me, she has shown me the light of hope. I will be thankful for that all my  life!!! Thank you!!!!!

"I can honestly say that each day has become a blessing waiting to be discovered"

As a white collar worker in Tokyo city, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day stresses and anxieties andfor  a time I believed that I could deal with these pressures and emotions. But eventually it all catches up withyou.  It doesn't take long for the negative emotions to build up and overwhelm any rational thinking person as Ihave always considered myself to be. I was then introduced to Mutsumi by my friend who enjoys her techniques  very much. At first I was sceptical to get a haling done but I know that if I wanted positive change to come into mylife I had to open my mind to other possibilities and not just rely on traditional medicines or techniques. Mutsumi  was very nice both in email to me and on the telephone when I made my first appointment with her, this was very  reassuring and calming for me as I have been so caught up in the Tokyo lifestyle of rush, rush, rush, that I almostexpected to reach an office number or hear from a secretary perhaps. So when I spoke with Mutsumi all those  barriers just began to break down for me, that's when I know I had to try this treatment. After the first time I was  feeling total bliss, like I had taken some magical pill or somethign but it was actually a very pleasant sensation.This lasterd After the first time I was feeling total bliss, like I had taken some magical pill or something but it wasactually a very pleasant sensation. This lasted for a few weeks and then things started to look like before with thesame patterns of negativity emerging within me, so I went for another visit and found that something inside mewas beginning to change for the better. Even now I can feel that subtle sensation that lets you know everything isalright and you do not have to solve all the world's problems. Thanks to Mutsumi I can honestly say that each dayhas become a blessing waiting to be discovered. People like Mutsumi are so rare in this world that I believe wemust all try and embrace the idea of spiritual healing and give it a try, after all what do you have to loose?
Let Mutsumi help you, she really is an Angel.

Diana (London)
"The way she listens is wonderful...."

Yesterday I experienced something new that I have never heard before. I had an EFT session with Mutsumi. Iwas very relaxed because Mutsumi transmits peace, calmness, professionalism and security. She made mefeel relaxed and open to discuss my problems and concerns. The way she listens is wonderful because itmakes you feel special and different. We did several sets of the EFT procedure to release some blockageswhithin me and at the end I felt lighter, and in away happier. I started to think how silly of me was to worry aboutthese issues. Thank you Mutsumi for your treatment. She finished my session with some homework with EFTand suggestions the Bach Flower Remedies and those made the whole session perfectly whole andaccomplished.  

Liah (Tokyo)
"I knew that I had chosen the right person to help me...."

I was drawn to Mutsumi when I read about her because she stated that she offers practical advice and is alsofluent in English. As soon as I met her I knew that I had chosen the right person to help me. Mutsumi asked mesome basic questions and why I was seekinghelp. I felt comfortable because she did not "bombard" me withquestions and she listened very carefully to me. During the next month I noticed that I was thinking morepositively and clearer about things. At my next session she worked on my heart chakra and throat chakra, asshe intuitively found a blockage around my throat. Within a few days after recieving the session, I felt a profoundsense of "forgiveness" and all the ugly feelings of hurt, resentment, and anger had dissipated. I discovered thatonce forgiveness happens all that remains is "love". How cool is that?? The funny thing about it is, I didn't thinkthat I amde a consious effect to even try to forgive. It just clearly happened. With a clear mind and a heart full oflove, I now feel a strong desire to "want" to try to mend my broken marriage and that's a good thing. :) Who would've known? I now call Mutsumi respectfully my "Love Guru".